Artist Statement

Adaptation, change, transformation and mutability are the primary themes that characterize my work. These issues manifest themselves in different ways – sometimes it is through the combination of disparate elements – a flower, bird, or landscape merging with mechanical or technical structures – other times, it is through geometric forms. Whether the forms are abstract or representational there is always a sense of alteration or developing into something else.

I shift between painting through observation of collages and maquettes – and a more immediate process in which areas are masked off and then use a trowel and squeegee to apply the paint. Often, found objects such as string, wire mesh, or even a potato sack are used to make monotypes contributing to the heterogeneous nature of the work. The geometric paintings involve a more systematic approach of masking and mixing palettes of some very subtle color variations that create a sense of transparency, depth or volume – and in some cases, blur the distinction between painting and sculpture.

My paintings are a continuation of 20th century artistic traditions – surrealism, objective and non-objective abstraction. The synthesis of these different visual languages continually lead to new and unexpected outcomes.