Open Doors, a newsletter produced by PFLAG, included an interview about my work and upcoming show at Center on Halsted. Check it out.

I am proud to have been included in this feature article about artist that have an affinity with mid 20th century art.

Have a listen! Here is a brief interview about my upcoming exhibition at Gallery Studio Oh!

An overview of all my geometric works – paintings and dimensional pieces.
On view from January 15 - February 26.
Gallery Studio Oh! 4839 N. Damen – art studio

Here is the installation view of Automaton #3 & #4. They are actually large reproductions of the originals – but none the less, add a spark of color and energy to this gorgeous resort.

These are on their way to Simon Breitbard Gallery in San Francisco for their annual group show coming up in mid-November.

This one has potential! It combines qualities of the Terrain series and Interruption series – looking forward to see how these develop!

They are small but I can Imagine them on a monumental scale!