Very excited to be exhibiting with my cousin a Barbara Eberhard at Lewis University.



Hope to see some of you at my opening reception this Friday, December 20, at the Human Thread gallery space in the Bridgeport Art Center. Opening Reception: 6pm-9pm



Thrilled to be exhibiting at the Harold Washington Library . Just installed 16 paintings yesterday; everything is in display cases so it looks really important! They will be exhibited through December 27. Also, I want to thank Leslie Patterson, curator for the space, for being so helpful during the installation.



Not quite Alfred Hitchcock scary...but you never know what direction these may take.


National Juried Exhibit

September 25 - October 26 | 2013

Reception  |  Friday September 27, 6-9pm


Union Street Gallery

1527 Otto Blvd

Chicago Heights, IL 60411

Just started working on these two paintings. They are oil on on birch; which is a new surface for me. There will be other elements overlapping and integrated with the floral element...stay tuned.




Glass Block Head

oil on canvas


I am 1 of 70 participating artists

WITHIN. 9th Annual National Self-Portrait Exhibition

July 19 to August 10, 2013

Opening reception: Friday, July 19 from 7-10pm

"WITHIN" celebrates nine consecutive years of successful national self-portrait exhibitions. Over the years, over 900 artists have participated in this annual event which began nine years ago as 33 Contemporary Gallery opened its its doors to the public for the very first time at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago.


Unlike the past two years in which the exhibition had no size restrictions and took place in the entire first floor of the Zhou B Art Center, WITHIN will be hosted in the intimate gallery setting of 33 Contemporary Gallery. The works in the exhibition will not exceed 12 inches in any direction and will ask the viewer to experience the entire show in close proximity. This intimate setting will serve as an invitation for exporation, discovery and conversation.


Between July 19 and August 10 of this year, 33 Contemporary Gallery will become a national laboratory for the exploration and visual representation of the self. The exhibition will include works ranging from representational, non-representational and conceptual ideas of the self. It will feature works in a variety of media.